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Noah Cohen

Graphic Design      Social Media      Creative Ideation 

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In an effort to better understand the world of marketing, I undertook full time summer internships in the field.  These experiences allowed me to get a feel for the industry and foster some initial connections.


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In early May, I will graduate from Northeastern University, known for its experiential learning program. Each student spends two, six-month periods working full time at a role in their respective field, meaning students graduate with both their degree and a year of work experience. I was fortunate enough to complete both of my co-ops in the field of digital marketing, for the companies RapidMiner and Skyline Flight.

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Having had an innovative and entrepreneurial mindset since I was young, I founded a web design firm called NHC Sites, LLC in the 5th grade. Though my Mom was my first client, the business grew through the years, allowing me the opportunity to work with various clients nationwide.

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As I began to take college level courses centered around graphic design and general business strategy, I learned to help clients with much more than just web design. On that basis, I expanded my services to include freelance work in the areas of graphic design, video creation and editing, SEO, and writing and executing social media campaigns.

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